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"We Love our nature and outdoorsports":...

Our love for nature, sports, and the great outdoors inspired us. That's why we created the Wearable Bio Sunscreen SPF50, formulated with natural and certified ingredients. It's fully biodegradable, ensuring harmony with Mother Earth. Now, you can protect both your body and nature simultaneously during your sports activities.

Sport Stick 7.png

Bio Protector solar SportStick

Nuestro protector solar natural tiene características específicas de protección durante una larga exposición al sol tales como

* alta protección contra los rayos UVA / UVB / IR,

* alta resistencia al agua y al sudor, * alta estabilidad en la piel con una textura no grasa que no entra en contacto con

los ojos y no se "ensucia" las manos.


Diseño totalmente Sostenible y

Respetuoso con el medio ambiente


Tubo: De cartón de fuente certificada


Funda Portable de corcho: corcho natural de fuente sostenible en Portugal


Collar: Bio algodón certificado


Embalaje de la caja: Hecho de Papelgrama en Alemania



El corcho flotante

Igual si practicas snowboard, parapente, carrera, ciclismo, deportes acuáticos o  montañismo .

Con el Collar Porta-SportStick hecho de corcho tu puedes aplicar tu Bio Protector solar siempre que sea necesario protegerte de

Rayos UV nocivos y evitar  quemaduras solares


Sport Stick 6.png

Bioprotection form the sun Our SportStick formula, featuring a blend of natural ingredients like raspberry seed oil, carnauba wax, vitamin E, and titanium dioxide, offers a thin, transparent layer for excellent protection. It not only cares for your skin but also safeguards nature, ensuring both your body and the environment are well-protected.


Grasspaper Packaging We have designed the entire product to be biodegradable. This extends to our packaging as well, which is made from grass paper sourced from certified and responsible suppliers, ensuring it is safe for our forests and water sources.

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(C) 2021 Fabiola de Amorim Kosmetik Handel GBR

Fabiola de Amorim Hindenburgstraße 35 72631 Aichtal

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